Al Habtoor Tennis Tournament

On the occasion of the 21st Al Habtoor Tennis Challenge 2018, the Habtoor Grand Resort, is delighted to announce the launch of the 2nd Al Habtoor Tennis Tournament which includes the following events:

  • Men’s Cup
  • Women’s Cup
  • Men’s Seniors 35 and above
  • Under 18 Boys & Girls
  • Under 16 Boys
  • Under 14 Boys & Girls
  • Under 12 Boys

Tournament will be organised under the following rules, regulations and guidelines:

  1. Only players registered with Tennis Emirates and holders of the TEPIN may participate.
  2. Each players is allowed to participate in one category only
  3. All main draws will be a maximum of 16 players. 
  4. Selection of players will be based on the UAE national ranking among those whom have entered, in addition 3 wild cards in each draw will be decided by the tournament organising committee.
  5. All matches up to and including the semi-final stage will be played on a No-Advantage scoring system and a Match-Tiebreak game replacing the final set.
  6. Al Habtoor Tennis Academy courts located at Al Habtoor City will be used for all junior’s preliminary matches.
  7. Tournament will be run as per the following tentative match plan:

    Date Time Habtoor Grand Resort Al Habtoor Tennis Academy (Al Habtoor City)
    Thursday 6 Dec. 5.00 pm R16: All junior events R16: All junior events
    Friday 7 Dec. 8.30 am   R16: All junior events
    Friday 7 Dec. 6.30 pm R16: Adults events  
    Saturday 8 Dec. 8.30 am   R16 & QF: All junior events
    Saturday 8 Dec. 6.30 pm onward R16: Adults events  
    Sunday 9 Dec. 6.30 pm onward R16 & QF: Adults events  
    Tuesday 11 Dec. 6.30 pm onward R16 & QF: Adults events  
    Wednesday 12 Dec. 6.30 pm R16 & QF: Adults events  
    Thursday 13 Dec. 5.00 pm   QF: All junior events
    Thursday 13 Dec. 6.30 pm QF: Adults events  

    Date Time Al Habtoor Tennis Tournament 21st Al Habtoor Tennis Challenge 2018
    All Semi-finals
    Friday 14 Dec. 8.30 am
    1.00 pm
    All junior events
    Adults events
    10.30 am onwards:
    ITF Professional Women
    Circuit Singles & Doubles Semifinal
    All Finals
    Saturday 15 Dec. 10.00 am
    11.30 am
    1.00 pm
    2.30 pm
    4.30 pm

    Juniors 12 & 14
    Juniors 16 & 18
    Men, Women & Seniors


    Doubles Final
    Singles Final

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